writing an essay and an reflection

Choose a story by Jewett, Anderson, Chekhov, O’Connor, or Munro.

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an essay of at least 750 words (3 pages) in which you analyze a some

aspect of the story like character, setting, point of view, issue, or

theme. Use the techniques from Writing Analytically, Chapters 1-4,8 in

order to generate your significant details from the text and your

interpretation of them. Your approach should be analytical. More

effective essays will have sufficient evidence from the text being

analyzed. Use the Method described in Chapter 2, WA to generate

significant details from the text to analyze.

Focus your analysis on only one

story. Note that the audience for your essay is someone who has not

read the text that you are analyzing; therefore you should include

enough background, description and summary of the text that you are

analyzing so that one can understand what you are trying to analyze.


the end of your essay write at least one healthy paragraph describing

what you attempted to do in your essay and a description of your

thinking and writing process for coming up with the topic and approach

the writing task ( a reflection of your writing process).

Submit your essay by 11:30pm Tuesday 4/24.

Essays submitted after 12:30am are considered late and will be

penalized with loss of points. Failure to submit the essay by 11:30pm

Wednesday 5/2 will result in a zero for the assignment.


your essay in any file type supported by Turnitin.com. Be sure to

include a title for your essay and a paragraph of reflection and


I will comment and give your essay a score

according to the grading standard, “essay w/o peer review.” In a week

to ten days you will receive notice that your essay has been graded with

my feedback. If you cannot open the graded document, contact me by

email or message immediately so that I can send it to you in another

format. Let me know if you have questions about my feedback. Receiving

and understanding my feedback is crucial to your development and



Reflect on your writing process for the first essay and respond to the following prompts:

Describe what was the easiest thing about writing the essay.

Describe what was the most challenging thing about writing the essay.

Assignment should be around 300 words but not more than 500 words. Assignment is due by 11:30am, Saturday 4/28 and will be open for late submissions until 11:30pm, Wednesday 5/2.