Career Counseling, psychology homework help

The following discussion questions will require you to read, comprehend and translate in your own words the information found in the text. You are also expected to treat each of the discussion questions as an essay by including your thoughts, feelings, views, and perspectives. College level writing is expected, but APA is only needed if you use a source outside of the text. Follow-up discussion with fellow students is expected. Be sure to support your responses with the information from your readings.

Q-1What are your thoughts on the usefulness of Gottfredson’s concepts of circumscription and compromise and why?

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Q-2. Using Super’s concept of adolescent vocational maturity, discuss how would you decide which students were best able to make use of career counseling aimed at career decision-making and why?

Q-3. Explain the importance of Super’s concept of recycling and how you can or cannot relate to these concepts and why?

Q-4. Discuss your primary thoughts on the role of Atkinson, Morten, and Sue’s minority development model on understanding the role of career development in adults from culturally diverse populations and why?