Sundiata An Epic of Old Mali Creative Video Project


*I just want that you to use that artist’s imagination that you have, so my video would be creative, precise and perfect.

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I’m going to record an audio with the information that the teacher wants me to use for the video. The video will be about a reading. You have to use the audio that I am going to send you and make a video with images, animations and highlight the most important points that you will notice by my way of speaking in the audio.

What I am relating in the audio has to agree with what you incorporate in the video obviously. It has to be a video that the teacher has no choice to give me an A.

I’ll send you the audio on Thursday night so you can start working. However, I’m going to send you a link, which you can read so you can imagine what you could do. this is the link


is a 8 minutes video! the video need to have my voice obviously and the images or whatever you going to do.

impress me! You are the artist tell me what to do and we can work together to make a good video.

Remember good results deserve tips.