Using FSRM to Manage File System Usage , computer science homework help

Complete this exercise before the end of the module’s week.

You are the network administrator for The company uses a single main public share as a file-sharing resource to allow users to share and swap files, as well as to host shared internal corporate resources. Lately, there has been a large increase in file system usage, and adding additional disk space isn’t an easy option on the hosting server.

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1. What reports can you use to get a clear understanding of which files are taking up the most space and who their owners are?

2. Could you use quotas to control how much space each user is allowed to use on the share?

3. What file screens could you put in place to ensure that inappropriate files are not saved on the share?

4. How could you use file screen exceptions to allow the saving of sanctioned files even if they might violate the file screens in question 3?