unit vi-ah

Unit VI Outline

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For this assignment, you will choose a significant figure who contributed to and influenced others during the
time discussed in this course—with the exception of any U.S. President—and prepare an outline of how you would
choose to communicate that figure’s relevance to today. This is not a biography. Your argument should highlight how
society remembers your historical figure now.

For this assignment, you will be creating a one-page outline about your chosen figure and how he or she impacted the
evolution of American philosophies or ideals. If you choose, this could be used to help write your transcript for the Unit VII
assignment, which is described below. Your outline will need to be uploaded for this unit, and it is suggested that you
include potential sources.

The goal of this assignment is to prepare you for the Unit VII assignment described below. However, it is not required that
you use the same person from your outline in the Unit VII assignment. If you do intend to use this outline in Unit VII,
however, it is highly advised that you review and prepare using the instructions for that assignment in mind.