Thesis Statement Topic Point of View Supportive Points

compose a five-paragraph essay draft (two pages and no more than three pages, double-spaced, MLA format) answering the following question:

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How will you incorporate laughter more effectively in your life?

Writing Process

1. Read article and researched references

2. Develop an essay outline

I. Thesis Statement: Topic+Point of View+Supportive Points

II. A. Topic sentence for supportive point 1

B. Topic sentence for supportive point 2

C. Topic sentence for supportive point 3

III. Conclusion: Brief summary: Thesis, supportive points, analysis of solution or resolution, impactful take away message

Essay must contain MLA in-text citations to document references used to provide supportive evidence. here should be at least one or more reference sources per body paragraph.

please this article in this link… but also include other articles as references and evidences.