the characteristics of a servant leader, management homework help

Q1: what is servant leadership? what are the characteristics of a servant leader? (one paragraph)

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Post 1

What stage of economic development is south korea in? Justify your statement and identify data that support your beliefs?

Post 2

Of what multinational market group(s) is south korea a member?

Use information from that group’s website to respond to the questions that follow.

are supposed to be several generic benefits that membership in a
multinational market group provides to international marketing between
member countries. What are two specific benefit(s) this membership
currently provides? How are these benefits expected to change in the

Note: If south korea
is not currently a member of a multinational market group, identify a
geographically nearby group and use it for this post. (two paragraphs)


A contract is basically an offer, followed by acceptance supported
with adequate consideration. However, problems can arise in complex
transactions such as the sale of real estate. Please respond to the
following prompts:

Lucy told Jim her house is for sale for $252,000. Jim told Lucy he
is very interested but wanted his wife to see it first. That evening,
Jim’s wife drives by the home. She calls Jim and says she loves the
house-but there is a sold sign on the front lawn. Jim calls Lucy and
says, “I accept.”

  • What are the issues relevant to this problem?(one paragrphs)