The Adventures of an IT Leader – analysis

For this assignment, I need complete 4-5 pages summary based on your readings in The Adventures of an IT Leader.

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As you read the chapters, think about pertinent issues and the relationship of these factors to situation outcomes. As you prepare your paper, respond to the following questions:

  • How much time and effort should an information technology (IT) department devote to scanning for and analyzing emerging technologies?
  • What are your responses to Bernie Ruben’s three questions in taking action on the blog issue at IVK:
    • What if anything should we do about this blog entry?
    • What should be our general policy about blogging based on inside information from within the company?
    • What should be our process for spotting emerging technologies and analyzing them to see how they might be relevant to use for better or worse?
  • Which of the three proposed processes should IVK sue for enforcing infrastructure technology standards? Recommend and justify.
  • Is IT standardization and innovation (or flexibility) in conflict in an organization like IVK?
  • What do you think of the kid’s toolkit approach to management?

Use APA style guidelines, citing external references as appropriate (very important to use in-text citation).

please make sure the plagiarism percentage is not exceeding 20%, i will check it using Turnitin.

hint: Chapters 13 & 16 ( could be more useful – but i am not sure) you can use the first page in the book (IT Leadership Topics by chapter) to facilitate the search process.

thank you