Short Essay Question for Political Science Exam prepare


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I.Know what Keynesianism is and its major theories and policies as discussed in class.

(especially the rationale for deficit spending during recessions or depressions as opposed

to budget cuts). Be able to explain the main causes of the Great Depression from a

Keynesian perspective.

II. Be able to explain the key disputes fueling the current trade war with China, according

to the Frontline video “Trump’s Trade War”.

III. Be able to explain the primary theoretical assumptions of foreign policy liberalism

and realism as discussed in class.

IV. Be able to summarize the key policies associated with California’s AB 32 as depicted

in the Nova episode “The Big Energy Gamble” shown in class. Also be able to explain

the main obstacles to implementing them as depicted in the DVD as discussed in class.

V. Drawing on the DVD “Inequality for All” which was screened in class and class

discussion be able to explain the extent to which inequality has been increasing in the

United States and the main causes which have been fueling it according to Robert Reich.

Also be able to explain what Reich means by the virtuous cycle and the viscious cycle.

Finally, be able to explain the connection Reich sees between rising inequality and

politics. ***This is a likely subject for your extra credit essay question.