Protecting PHI

Below is a discussion assignment. The answer has to be a minimum of 50 words and scholarly references and citations. Also, I have to article links that can assist you. Thank you.

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Have you ever been involved in a
situation in which someone’s sensitive personal health information (PHI) was or
could have been revealed inappropriately? Or, can you imagine the patient’s
reaction in this situation?

In this discussion, you will consider how government and private entities work
together to keep PHI restricted, as it should be.

Frame your response to include these issues:

  • Discuss the roles of the federal government for
    developing regulations and the private sector (including the Joint
    Commission) for promoting development of healthcare information systems
    compliance measures.
  • Specifically, explain what measures must be in
    place—both on the governmental end and within private-sector health
    organizations—to protect PHI.

Discuss the
role HIPAA plays in protecting PHI.

Article: Confidentiality

Webpage: HIPAA