problems on Spread sheet intro financial accounting, homework help

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I have attached problems 1-3B, 1-4B, 1-5B, and 1-8B.

Chapter 1 covers importance of accounting, fundamentals of accounting, transaction analysis, and financial statements

Instructions from professor:

  • Try working through these end of chapter problems: Chapter 1 problems 1-3B, 1-4B, 1-5B, and 1-8B
  • You will be graded based on effort. As long as you make a valid attempt, even if you arrive at the wrong answer, you will receive credit.
  • Use these problems to study for your graded tests

All assignments must be an individual effort. Any indication that you submit work that is not your own will result in a zero for the assignment.

The homework grading rubric is as follows (out of 10 points):

2 Complete the assignment by due date
3 The proper accounting format
5 Attempting all of the assigned problems