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– Geography

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Research Paper

Double spacing

Paper format:

Number of pages:
7 pages

Number of sources:
10 sources

Paper detalis:

From assignment:
This will be a ‘classic’ term paper to write. I do not expect a
specific number of references, but a range of 6-15 is usual – more
important is the quality and originality of your sources. As a general
advice, try to work on something specific so that you feel is
interesting, try to go beyond the ‘usual story’ and do some interesting
research (even if using secondary sources, but check if you can also
access primary ones – such as original documents, census, etc… but
excluding interviews as you would need to go through ethics review to do
that). While being specific, try to present a general argument that
helps you to frame your paper and to go beyond a descriptive case study
(reading more widely and using theoretical/conceptual sources can help
here). Papers are graded according to the following criteria:
originality of argument(s) and case study, quality of the
research/sources, structure and logic of the paper, quality of the

Please choose one of the following topics:

1) Contentious politics in the early 21st century: China, Hong Kong, rule of law, and democracy
2)Geopolitics and populism: Populisms, geopolitical imaginations and armed conflicts
3)Geopolitical extremes: Up to the moon and outer-space geopolitics
4)Environmental geopolitics: China: between “Ecological Footprint” and “Ecological Civilization”

In files I’m attaching the criteria for paper grading provided by the professor.

Please, let me know if you have any questions!