Implementing Effective Change, business and finance homework help

Must use homework template to complete this assignment.

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Detail :
  • Read “Blue Cloud Gets Agile” at the end of Chapter 2 of your textbook.
  • Read at least two scholarly articles that address theories of effective change implementation.
  • Write a paper of approximately 750 words that synthesizes popular theories of effective change implementation and applies those theories to the “Blue Cloud Gets Agile” case study. Your paper should include the following:
    • A synthesis of the change implementation theories, identifying the characteristics of effective organizational change
    • A short summary of the situation of “Blue Cloud Gets Agile” and the barriers to change that the company could face
    • Specific recommendations for how CEO Shel Skinner and other leaders at Blue Cloud should operate for the next 18 months
  • Format your paper using Writing Style Handbook guidelines.
  • Include a minimum of two sources, which may consist of readings from the University Library, your text, or other selections.