exam right now 2 hours answer 4 questions each one 75 100 words

I have the exam right now. Just take a look 2 articles i link below. Used your own words to answer 4 questions below (each one 75-100words)

Pleaseeeee make sure you can do it on time then please finish it asap (you can just point out the point, no need full sentence but just use information in my source and paraphrase it carefully, it will be turn it in check online). Thank you so much!

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1-According to the article “ The Managers Job”, Which of the following is NOT one of the management folklores/myths that Mintzberg identified?

2- According to the article “ The Managers Job”, What did Mintzberg mean when he said “You can’t teach swimming or management in a lecture hall?”

3- According to the article “ The Managers Job”, Mintzberg argued that managers actually do more than the 4 traditionally ascribed functions of a manager’s job. Instead, the work of a manager is comprised of 3 distinct roles. What are these 3 roles?

4-According to Zaleznik in the article “Managers & Leaders – Are They Different”, how are managers and leaders different?