comm 120 9

: Chapter 7: Relationships (Romantic, at work, and the dark side) 7.4 to 7.6.

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Since everyone takes notes differently, the following guidelines should assist you in completing the assignment to the satisfaction of me, your instructor. I am not grading you on “content”.

Consider this assignment as the “test” for the reading, therefore put effort into following instructions. We will be discussing each reading in class.

1 pt. 1. Label your notes each time, in the following manner:

Right hand corner of first page: Your Name

Reading #


1 pt. 2. Computer print notes or handwritten are accepted.

I will accept ink (blue or black only, please).

I will not accept notes in pencil.

I will not accept notes with rough edges (cut them off before you come to class)

1 pt. 3. Write your notes in some type of “outline” format.

This means I expect to see abbreviations, key words, phrases…

1 pt. 4. Try to keep your notes to within 2-3 pages at the most, per chapter.

Staple them, before coming to class.


This is the most important part of the assignment.

At the end of your notes and after thinking about the readings, write your own personal commentsabout what you read.

Here are some suggestions as to what to include after the reading.

  • a.What research study did you find interesting, new or maybe even confusing?
  • b.What in your own life, did you relate to, after reading these chapters?
  • c.Was there something in class, that you related to, or that you want to address to me, in these notes?

Use this space to your advantage. Consider this as personal communication between you and the instructor.