Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Traits SLP

For the SLP for this class you will be developing different components of a business plan step by step. As a start to coming up with your own idea for a business and writing up a business plan, write a two- to three-page paper addressing the following issues:

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  1. Review the first few pages of Wilson (2011). Based on both the positive and negative aspects on entrepreneurship discussed in this section, do you think being an entrepreneur is a good match for you? Explain your reasoning.
  2. Come up with at least two initial ideas for a business you would be interested in starting. These ideas should be based both on your own interests and skills, and also on what kind of business you think would be successful in today’s economy. Explain why these businesses would be a good match for you, and why you think they might be successful.

SLP Assignment Expectations

  • Answer the assignment questions directly.
  • Stay focused on the precise assignment questions; don’t go off on tangents or devote a lot of space to summarizing general background materials.
  • List supporting references and cite sources in proper format.
  • Use appropriate writing style in essay form (organization, grammar, and spelling).
  • Review our “Writing Style Guide” for more detail on referencing and writing expectations. This guide can be found under “My Resources” in the TLC Portal.