Current Events


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Using a contemporary or current event (within the past five years), locate an intercultural business situation context, and by Thursday, post a link to the article, video clip, YouTube video, picture, or news story. (If you choose a video, try to find one that includes a transcript or correct captioning; if the video does not have a transcript, then find one that does. Identify the five components of social episodes expressed in your selected current event.

In particular, discuss the relationship of the event to the business context expressed. Why was this situation interesting or noteworthy to you? How does it relate to or differ from any business situation you have experienced? Compare or contrast the situation you selected with another current event, either in the United States or internationally.


Create a 1 page essay. Use 2 sources for your references. Be sure to include in-text citations. Incorporate the five components of social episodes in the assignment. Don’t forget the link to the selected article of choice.