communication124 DB 1

hello tutors .I have the text book and I can send the pictures of the chapters so you can read and do the homework regarding to the chapters

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Chapter 1

Original Post: Read Chapter 1. After reading the entire chapter, return to the section in Chapter 1 titled “Culture: A Learned Meaning System,” (pages 15-21):

  • In detail, describe an example from your interactions with others (not from the textbook) of each of the elements of culture—but do NOT tell us which level (surface, intermediate, or deep) it belongs to.

Peer Response: Identify which level of culture is involved, and reply with that level in the subject line.

  • In your reply, describe in detail why you identified that particular level of culture.
  • Do not repost any information from your own original post for Chapter 1.

Chapter 2

Original Post: Read Chapter 2. After reading entire chapter, return to the section in Chapter 2 titled “Deepening Intercultural Process Thinking,” (pages 33-37):

  • In detail, describe at least two different personal experiences that illustrates a “culture bump” (you may choose a general “well-meaning clash” if no intercultural examples come to mind).
  • Describe what went wrong.
  • How might the interaction have gone better if you applied one of the “do-ables” offered at the end of the chapter?

Peer Responses: Provide your thoughts about their personal experience/cultural bump example.

  • Can you relate? How do you relate?
  • What might you have done the same or different?
  • Do not repost any information from your own original post for Chapter 2.