best practices promoting bilingualism kindergarteners

200-250 wrds


In this Seminar, you will be discussing the topics and strategies that are relevant to bilingualism and help your students learn English as a second language. You will also review a few of the key terms found at the end of Chapters 8 and 9 to help you gain a stronger foundation of the terminology associated with building language and literacy skills in the kindergartener.

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Please be prepared to answer the following questions related to the assigned reading of “Narrative development in bilingual kindergarteners: Can Arthur help?” by Uchikoshi.

1.          Define narratives from the article.

2.          What have you discovered about using narratives to promote bilingualism?

3.          Is television an appropriate medium for promoting English language learning? Why or why not?

4.          How might you incorporate best practices into your own educational setting to promote               bilingualism, as an early childhood professional?

5.          How does investigative play differ from exploratory activities?


6.          What questions do you have about the Unit 6 Assignment?