Advanced Tech in Journalism

I have a course called Advanced Tech in Journalism. I need to finish a homework. This assignment is very important to me, make sure you have good writing and grammar skills. You have to finish it independently and I will check it.

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Should bloggers be held to the same standards as journalists? Why or why not? Be sure to thoroughly explain your answer. Also consider the following:

  1. What is a blogger? What is the goal of any blogger?
  2. What is a journalist? What is the primary goal of a journalist?
  3. What, if any, skills and or qualities do both the blogger and journalist share?

Before writing your response, I encourage you to read the Week 2 Readings; this discussion is based on the Week 2 Readings.


  • 300 – 400 words
  • Well-written sentences
  • Proper grammar, spelling and punctuation

**Links and files help to help you solve these problems.…