​You Can’t Take it With You critique will consist “THETER”

You Can’t Take it With You critique will consist of:
You will write on two components of theatre covered in class. (acting, design, genre,
style etc.) You will be expected to correctly use vocabulary and terms learned in class.)

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Each critique must be at minimum of four paragraphs single-spaced. FontTimes
New Roman or Calibri 11
• Include: name and class time or section on the upper left hand side of paper
Play title is italicized throughout the critique.
• Do not describe the play’s plot, though you will need to use some descriptions of
plot, theme, character, etc.
• You will need the play program to use specific names of actors, characters, directors,
designers, etc.
• Specific paper content, expectations, terms and vocabulary will be discussed
in class. Below is more specific information on content. Please see information
concerning missed classes. If you do not follow paper instructions, content,
etc., you will not receive credit for paper.
• Critiques must be turned in (uploaded to e-campus) by midnight the
Wednesday following closing night, or earlier if desired.
• Save your critiques until you have received your final course grade.
• Due dates are posted in the projected course outline.

Your Name
Class Time or Section
Name of Play in Italics
On (date) I attended (name of play) (place)
Body of paper single- spaced
Font: Times New Roman or Calibri 11

I ATENDED on 6th OF April