Written Assignment – Connecting Your Experiences

Over the last few modules, we have explored the ways in which the United States emerged as a leader in the world in the 20th century and beyond. We have looked at how events in the United States were inter-connected with those occurring simultaneously throughout the world.

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Reflect on these ideas as well as your own learning experiences over the last few modules. In a 1-2 page paper:

  • Select one era covered during the course that you found interesting.
  • Explain why you chose this era. If you had a choice to go back in time, would you want to live in this time period?
  • Compare and contrast your current views on the world today with the era that you’ve chosen. In your opinion, has history changed for the better or worse?

Be sure to support your narrative with sources cited in APA format.

Here is my module by week. You can peak any.

Module 01 – America at the Turn of the Century

Module 02 – Progressive Era

Module 03 – The United States Becomes a World Power

Module 04 – World War I and the Perils of Prosperity

Module 05 – 1930’s – Depression and Prelude to War

Module 06 – 1940’s – World War II

Module 07 – 1950’s – The Atomic Age and Cold War

Module 08 – 1960’s – Social Change

Module 09 – 1970’s and 1980’s – Liberalism and Conservatism

Module 10 – 1990’s – The Information Age and Internationalism

Module 11 – Globalization and Empire – Democracy, Uncertainty, and Discontent