Writing Process Discussion Reply

( The writing process is very important when constructing a formal paper. When writing a paper it is important to assess the problem or point you are trying to make, invent your topic and main points of the essay, and organize and structure the essay. Part of assessing the paper is figuring out who is your audience and make sure you are targeting that audience. In order to assess the problem it important to gather all the information needed that may be helpful when writing the paper later on. Once your done with that it is important to invent your topic sentences and your main points. When you have your topic sentence and main points it is important to start a rough draft to get most of your ideas written down on paper. It is okay to write a bad paper because it is very helpful and you have others around you to peer review the drafts to get feedback. Once that is done it is important to organize your paper so that it all flows together smoothly for the targeted audience.

I find the writing process very important and useful. I use it every time I need to write a paper. I think it is important to figure out your topic sentence and your main points before establishing your paragraphs. When I am trying to invent my paper and all the information I want to convey i think it is important to use outlines. I took CD 125 and we had to write a really long paper and the writing process helped tremendously in helping me set everything up and organize it. I got a really good grade. Without the writing process I would of had a really hard time trying to set the paper up.)

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***This is discussion for my classmate I need reply for her the ABC’s (Acknowledge something specific a classmate said, Build on that with a personal experience or by sharing an example to illustrate things in a new light, Conclude with a question or a statement that will allow for the discussion to be driven forward rather than end.)