writing assignmen help

Write at least a 3/4 page summary (single- spaced) on EACH of the

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following articles/presentations, for a total of 2.25 pages. Please open

the presentation from the Week 2 module titled, “Overview.”

1. Week 2 – Career development- Presentation Fall 2017.
2. Becoming Interview STARs.pdf
3. Resume PowerPoint presentation


summaries must be typed, single spaced, standard font (arial or times

roman) 10-12 pt and margins no larger than 1”. Do not use bold font

except for emphasis. On the top of the paper put your name, section of

EGN 3000, USF ID number, and “Make-Up Assignment Week 2”. A summary

should explain the important points covered in the

articles/presentations, and what you learned from it. If you utilize any

quotes from the readings or additional sources, be sure to CITE YOUR

SOURCES appropriately.