Writing an introduction + Annotated bibliography

Write an introduction about my topic (i’m writing a research argument), about a page. Then, write 4 annotated bibliography as shown in the example attached.

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My research question is: How college/school could raise awareness about depression?

topic: Depression Awareness

(1st page)Introduction structure:

  1. Your research question
  2. A brief overview of your topic
  3. A brief summary of your research journey (what you started out with, what you found, how you adapted your search terms, etc)
  4. A thesis (highlight it)
  5. A brief argument about your topic.

(2nd page) Annotated bibliography:

( approximately 80-100 words per annotation)

(3rd page) what topics do you still need to find research on? How are you planning on finding this? . This can be just a paragraph long.

I attached some sources about the topic to get your annotation.