write two paragraphs about experience in a restaurant

Time to have some fun and practice with understanding how word choices (diction) contribute to the feelings behind words. Write a short restaurant review in two separate paragraphs (five-sentences minimum). In the first paragraph, aim to share details about the restaurant using formal/neutral language (college level diction and word choice). In the second version of the paragraph, rewrite the same information but this time employ an informal tone and use slang, non-standard English, and other informalities.

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Sample Restaurant Review of Poppy:


We arrived at approximately 8:30 pm on a Sunday to find that the restaurant was at capacity. To our surprise, the entree we had been coveting most–warm duck with wilted greens–was sold out. We disappointedly chose the grilled smoked trout as our main. However, before tucking into our trout we decided to sample the poached albacore appetizer. The portion was quite small. That said, the fish was firm and fresh. My wife sampled the rabbit sausage, describing it as succulent and spicy. We were finished with our appetizers a good half hour before the trout arrived. Again, the fish was firm and fresh, but the accompaniments left much to be desired; for instance, the lackluster/bland fennel salad could not be redeemed by the miniscule dollop of salsa verde nested by its side. Our server was personable but quite inattentive. Add to our misery the fact that it took forever to pay our bill. Perhaps it was the wrong night to head out to Poppy, but I am not planning on giving it another try any time soon.


We blew in around 8:30 pm on a Sunday night. The place was packed! Didn’t expect that. We also didn’t expect them to be sold outta the duck. We both got the trout instead because who gets the vegetarian, anyway? To start things off we went for the poached albacore appeteaser, truly a teaser—two measly slices of fish a little bigger than a silver dollar coin. However, the rabbit sausage, my friend, was rocking! Some of the side dishes that came with the entree didn’t have much spunk despite the menu descriptions sounding yummy. The trout ended up being quite good—tender and flavorful, with a kick-ass sauce. Our server was chill but a bit out of it. It took forever to get our food, pay our bill, etc. Pretty decent grub, but the whole scene was ‘meh’ at best.