Write two essays

Answer two of the following questions with using the readings I’ll attach below later on. Each essay should be 800 words at maximum.

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1. Compare and contrast the Pennsylvania prison to the Auburn prison system. What were the advantages and shortcomings of each system? Should any of the ideas of these systems be included in current prison practices?

2. Discuss two constitutional amendments that have been asserted in the area of prisoner rights. Fully explain each rights and how Court interventions in these areas influence the relationship between an inmate and the correctional institution.

3. Common sentencing options include probation, intermediate sanctions, and prison sentences. How does California’s current sentencing scheme attempt to achieve the goals of corrections by utilization of these options?

source: Todd R. Clear, George F. Cole and Michael D Reisig American Corrections. Thomson-Wadsworth (11th edition) Ch. 1-11.

I’ll attach this readings later.