Write the First Draft of the Process Analysis Essay This week, you will comple

Write the First Draft of the Process Analysis Essay

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This week, you will complete
the body paragraphs and submit the first draft of your process analysis

Remember that process analysis
essays identify and explain what steps must be taken to complete a specific
process or procedure. There are two different kinds of process analysis essays:
directional, which gives directions on how to do or make something (e.g.
balancing a budget, planning a party, etc.), and informative, which describes
how something is or was made or done or how it works.

Remember, however,
that using an informative approach does not simply mean presenting information
about the topic; you must provide information about some type of process so the
reader has a clear understanding about how something works or was made (e.g. how
a law is passed, how ice cream is made).

Over the past few weeks, you
have worked through all of the steps necessary to complete your first draft! In
your first draft, include an introduction paragraph that includes the thesis
statement, several body paragraphs that develop the main points or steps in your
essay, and a conclusion paragraph that ties everything together at the end. Be
sure to check for any errors in spelling, grammar, or sentence structure.

The draft

  • Present an appropriate subject
    for a process analysis essay
  • Describe equipment needed and
    define special terms
  • Include steps in logical
  • Explain each step

The paper should be a
minimum of 1-2 pages in length (not counting the title page).