Write some parts of a Group Consulting Report

Instruction: Teams will prepare a Consulting Report assessing the challenges of doing business in the selected country in the client’s business sector or industry. This paper will incorporate a country report providing an overview of the country’s regional and national context and a brief description of the client’s industry or business sector. The team needs to identify the attractiveness of a given country for market entry and identify a suitable strategy for the company to enter the designated country. The report must provide rationales for the selecting a particular strategy and specific ideas for implementation of the strategy.

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Country: China

We need to find a company which China doesn’t have it but USA has it everywhere.

The company we choose is: K Mart

More suggestions:

Below are a number of factors you may want to consider – in international markets. Depending

on your product or service and the geography you are considering, you may find that you don’t

need to analyze all of these factors. Good papers select and discuss only the relevant

information. Please be sure to identify your sources of information (for instance, by using


Three questions you need to finish I already uploaded as the first file.

1-2 pages Times New Woman. 12 front size. Double Space