write at least a 2 paragraph journal entry

Please choose ONE of the questions below from this module and write at least a 2 paragraph journal entry that reflects your understanding of this topic. Sound critical thinking involves understanding various points of view, evaluating positions, and then establishing your own opinion. First, gather information, evaluate the legitimacy of the arguments, paraphrase the evidence you used to form your position using your own words (remember citations if you quote a source), and finally establish and explain your position on this topic.

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Journal Questions (please choose one):

  • Describe and compare the basic contributions of Maslow and Herzberg to the understanding of worker motivation. (Chapter 10);
  • Describe the contributions of scientific management to improving worker productivity. What are some of the limitations of this approach? (Chapter 10);
  • What are the key features of flextime plans, compressed workweeks, and job sharing plans? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these approaches to scheduling employees. (Chapter 11);
  • Identify and describe the major tactics used by unions and management when collective bargaining efforts break down. (Chapter 12).