write apologize letter for get rehire to work at Amazon, writing homework help

I will need someone help with me to write an apologize letter and ask rehire to work at Amazon Fulfillment.

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Here is My background why I am not eligible to rehire.

I was work for Amazon since 2013 till 2017. I was very sick and not able to work at Amazon by my doctor ordered. So, I decide to take Leave on absence which it was approved.

However, my family just happened to move to other state from home. I cannot afford myself to live with my leave on absence income, so I decide to join with my family to move there. I did inform to Amazon that I will not able to return to job during my LOA time. An HR emailed me and told me they decide to put me on the not eligible to not rehire for permanently since I don’t give them advanced notices even I am on LOA.

I wish I will never sick that time and so I will definitely to inform HR two weeks notice. I’m still want to work for Amazon so bad and it is my dream to become Information Technology and work for Amazon in the future.

I will want have an apologize letter with good detail reasons.

Please make sure it is business letter format.