Write an essay on the topic, “Against Foreign Language Requirement in College”.

Write an essay on “Against Foreign Language Requirement in College”.

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Use one of your source for the essay as in file named, sups.docx


  • Have 3 different reasons (but not more than 3) to support your position
  • Explain reasons (with evidence)
  • You must have at least 2 print sources in the essay (book, magazine, newspaper, journal, catalog, etc)
  • They must be accessed in the original printed form (e-book, PDF, or anything else accessed electronically does not count as a print source)
  • Personal experience – can be used in only one reason, up to ¼ page (5 lines)
  • How much documented evidence – one documented evidence for every 10 lines in your paragraph.
  • Any numerical data must be from 2014 onwards


  • Intro (1 Para)
  • Reasons with evidence (multiple paras)
  • Conclusion (1 para)
  • Length: 3-4 pages (starts with first word of intro, NOT top of first page!)


–>Use the structure for the essay as in file named, Essay1Rubric.docx

–> For guidance, you may take a look at the sample essay, named as Essay1example.docx