Write an essay on “Social media should have age restriction”.

Write an essay of 3-4 pages on “Social media should have age restriction”. You should use 3 annotated bibliography.

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Your thesis must focus on:

Age restriction for social media is a necessity for teens to make them stand on their feet to deal with the real world, not the virtual world as they grow up.


An annotated bibliography of topic

First paragraph will include what the topic is in language that shows complete understanding of the issue.

Body paragraph will include statements about why this is a topic of concern. It may also include some background and definitions. Here will also be general information about the topic.(DONOT INCLUDE SOURCES TO INCLUDE POSSIBLE REASONS WHY THERE ARE VIEWS IN FAVOR AND AGAINST THAT TOPIC.) You need to have only general information.


Special note for BODY PARAGRAPH(3 paragraphs)

A paragraph that explains that the following sources provide more in depth information about the topic. Show why the topic is so important. This paragraph will contain summary of a source. You need to summarize the source material which is relevant to essay.

Another paragraph will include information about the value of the source. This paragraph will include annotations(sources from research papers) that defines the scope of source, lists the significant topics and tells what the source is about. There is no attempt to give actual data such as hypothesis, proofs; only topics or chapter titles are included. You need to claim that social media should have age restriction by showing the status of teenagers. Use VALUES to support your claims.(values is explained below).

Another paragraph will address the bibliography where you need to assess the source’s strength and weakness to the topic. Say why the source is interesting or helpful to you, or why it is not. In short, evaluate the source’s usefulness.


•These are claims made about what something is worth, whether we value it or not, how we would rate or categorize something. Example: Global warming is the most pressing challenge facing the world today.

•Is it good or bad?

•How bad? How good?

•Of what worth is it?

•Is it moral or immoral?

•Who thinks so?

•What do those people value?

•What values do I use to determine good or bad?

Values need to support.They must have:

1. Appeals to audience: a sense of common, shared values.

2. Motivational:suggest what audience wants are important values.

3. Analogies: establish links with other good or bad qualities.

4. Quotations:establish expert criteria and judgments of good or bad.

5. Definitions:to clarify good or bad.

Example: Examples

•Computers are a valuable addition to modern society.

•Prayer has a moral function in the public schools.

•Viewing television is a wasteful activity.

•Doctor-assisted suicide is immoral.

•Violent computer games are detrimental to children’s social development.

•The Simpsons is not a bad show for young people to watch.
•Dancing is good, clean fun