Write a research essay on a musical album of your choosing.

Write a research essay on a musical album of your choosing. This essay must be at least 1200 words long, and be written in MLA format.

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For this essay you must use at least five sources. Two of these sources must be scholarly sources (which means they must be books, a primary source). The other three sources may come from anywhere. These sources must be listed on your works cited AND have in text citations.

Your essay must contain all of the structures of a proper academic essay. Your essay must address the question:

What is the impact or significance of this album?

If you choose to write about impact, then you will focus on history, the culture surrounding the music, and the place of the album among other music and historical events.

If you choose to write about significance, you will treat the album like a work of art and analyze it to think about meaning, power, and structure.

You may use any visual form officially related to the album in your paper, such as music videos and album cover art.