write a paragraph response

After the presenters have posted their statements pro and con and their rebuttals to each other for Debate 9.3, classmates are required to write a paragraph response. First, before reading the debate, note if you are for or against the statement (before reading the debate, do you agree more with the pro or con position?). Then note if your position changed or remained the same after you read the debate (after reading the debate, do you agree more with the pro or con position?) Give any insights on the debate or debate topic.

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Traditional cuisines are healthier for us than modern fast food because they follow food rules, which often are biologically advantageous (296).”


The biggest difference between traditional food and modern fast food is that it is more convenient, saves time and has more kinds of fast food. However, fast foods contain high-fat, high-salt, low-fiber foods and more artificial additives, which tend to cause excessive heat supply. In fast food restaurants, large quantities of meat are needed. The animals in modern farms grow in small spaces by eating artificial feed and antibiotics and mature in a very fast time. And there are a lot of preservatives in many fast foods, which also don’t help health. The food fried in fast food not only has carcinogens but also a lot of calories. The downside of fast food is an environmental problem. Although the current fast-food restaurant reduces the use of plastic lunch boxes, replace them with paper boxes. The raw material for making paper lunch boxes is wood, and we need to cut down wood, which destroys forest resources.

Traditional food has significant marketing value for the food and beverage industry. Because there has been an increasing consumer interest in traditional food in recent years (Kivela and Crotts, 2005; Vanhonacker et al.,2010). For example, a survey conducted with foreign tourists in Korea found that 70.2% of the tourists try Korean food before they visit Korea (Chang and Cho, 2000). According to research in France, 74.0% of the participants found the authenticity of the food important (Ferrandi, 2012). Furthermore, I think traditional food is also part of traditional culture. When people go to other places to travel, the first thing they want to try is definitely local food instead of McDonald’s. American-style food culture is not exquisite, fast and convenient, not luxurious, and more popular. Three meals a day are more casual, and it is possible to put time on the job. But I think we can put down our work properly and enjoy the food instead of just eating it. There are many traditional foods that are passed on from mouth to mouth. If people only eat fast food, no one wants to learn traditional foods, and traditional foods will be lost over time.

“Joel is no more likely to sell his grass-finished beef to Whole Foods (let alone Wal- Mart) than he would feed his cows grain…So Polyface does not ship long distance, does not sell into the supermarket, and does not wholesale its food.”(Pollan, 2016). People are willing to buy from him, which shows that people tend to be with traditional food. People are willing to cook for themselves instead of buying fast food. It may also because people living in small towns live comfortably and they have time to enjoy the cooking process. Unlike people who work in the city, limited time can only eat fast food.


All the fast foods in our consciousness are McDonald’s, KFC and so on. All fried foods have a lot of fat, and fried foods can make people fat, but such fast foods are considered traditional fast foods. Recently, a large number of new fast foods are flooding the market, such as SWEETGREEN, with vegetable salads. The main image is carrot skin, broccoli stems, toasted bread, cabbage heart and other foods that are generally treated as waste. These vegetables are from nearby farms. These foods are good for those who sit in the office all day, and for some people who are overweight.

“the overall attributional trend of placing responsibility for over-weight and obesity on behavior rather than personality traits or environmental factors” (Campo & Mastin, 2007). People now do not only care about their own health but also about the health of their food. So now there are a lot of “organic foods” that are squandering into our lives. Now many fast food companies are promoting healthy snacks. For example, McDonald’s has announced that it will stop using margarine. Recently, the company also announced that it will stop selling chickens containing antibiotics and milk from auxin-injected cows; in addition, seasonal foods appear in McDonald’s menus. So part of the fundamental elements of obesity is for personal reasons – no fitness.

In the future, new fast food will replace a large portion of fast food. “At the beginning of this year, McDonald’s announced that it stopped selling chickens containing antibiotics, which caused the industry to follow suit. A few days later, Costco immediately announced the decision; Tyson Foods— – The nation’s largest chicken processing company and McDonald’s major supplier also announced that they will stop using human antibiotics to raise chickens by September 2017; similar fast food chains such as Chipotle and Shake Shack have followed suit” (Time BY DAN MITCHELL MARCH 4, 2015). In theory, various fast food companies have the ability to fundamentally change the food system and have a completely healthy, balanced menu. So my argument is that traditional cuisines are not healthier for us than modern fast food, because technology is improving, and fast food is also improving, the era of new fast food will come soon, and fast food will become healthier.