Write a paper answering the following questions, please follow the guidelines

Critical Reflection Guidelines

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Your critical reflection can be on one, a combination of, or all these topics: eating to live and be healthy, maintaining a healthy weight, and your personal fitness. Pick information from our guest speaker Jill Shaw, class discussions and classmates’ responses, and the textbook to support or challenge your reflection. For example, if you do not agree with some Ms. Shaw stated, or you believe that something written in the textbook may not apply to everyone. References are to be in APA format. Your reflection is not a summary of the content covered in the assigned readings, or class discussions. Answer the following questions in three separate paragraphs. Paragraphs are to be written with a minimum of 6 sentences with enough detail and clarification that someone outside our class would be able to understand what you are trying to convey in your reflection.

Eating healthy, Maintaining a healthy weight and personal fitness, and Chronic Conditions

  • Content reflection: “What have you learned about these topics connect with your lifestyle behaviors related to eating habits, maintaining a healthy weight, personal fitness, and chronic conditions?”
  • Premise reflection: “Why do you feel making healthy lifestyle changes a routine is challenging?”

Process reflection: “How does what you have learned changed your way of thinking about healthy eating, maintaining a healthy weight, developing a personal fitness routine to prevent or manage chronic conditions?”