Write a analysis essay final

Arab Human Development Report Analysis

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Choose one of the Arab Human Development Reports (in Module 7-11) and
write a 2000-word document analysis. Choose one theme/concept which
runs through the report and read the report with this theme in mind.

For example a theme might be: Islam, family, occupation, freedom,
human rights, knowledge society, etc. Discuss what this concept
represents in the report – what does it have to do with human
development? Why has it been given particular attention in the report?
What is your assessment about the employment of this concept in the
human development report?

Basically, I am looking for a sustained personal response to one of
the specified reports we studied. Your paper does not need support from
secondary sources; instead, it will represent your interpretations of a
particular aspect of the report, as seen through the lens of your
analysis and the critical reflections that we have been studying or
discussing throughout the semester. Feel free to follow any citation
style you are familiar with.