Write a 6 page essay, health and medical homework help

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Write a 6 page essay that does the following:

1). Explores a specific research question àpreferably the one presented at the top of your
annotated bibliography 

2). Covers a full spectrum of an argument/topic
rather than making one set argument throughout.

  * Keep in mind that this is an exploration paper
and NOT an argumentative   essay.

3). Utilizes at least 10 credible sources (peer-reviewed
journals, newspaper articles, and books). Your sources should represent a
balance of perspectives regarding your question à don’t just sources that answer your question in just one way. 

At least two (2) of those ten
must be books. “Books” as used here, are physical copies and ebooks and do not
include dictionaries, encyclopedias, or other reference works.

At least six (6) of those ten
must be from peer-reviewed journals.

That means no more than two (2)
of your ten sources can be newspapers or magazines or other reliable sources
(unless you choose to include more than the required ten sources).

4). Presents a possible thesis statement or argument
(one that you could potentially use in your upcoming research paper) at the
very end of the essay

5). Includes proper in-text citations and a Works Cited
formatted according to MLA standards
(see your Pearson Handbook for guidelines).

6). Has been reviewed by a tutor.

7). Uses
MLA margins (1” all around), 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced
Going outside these parameters will result in a lower score proportional to the
length over (or under) the assigned range.