Write 2,000 – 2,250 words of Making a Plot Summary of a fictional film

Please make a fictional original film plot, by follow the making plot instruction written below:

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Using the ideas discussed in class, write your own, original detailed plot summary of a fictional film that deals with a contemporary social issue in Africa, past or present. Make sure the plot is specific in space and time(i.e. not just a “someplace in Africa) and historically accurate. The film Yesterday, I feel is a good example of a modern film that showcases a modern social issue: the impact of HIV/AIDS on rural South African women from a Zulu’s perspective.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:


  1. Start by writing a 600-850 word analysis of the social or political issuethat you will be exploring in your plot summary. What is the issue? Why is it important to highlight it? Who are the people most affected by the issue? What is working or not working to fix the situation? Remember that your job is not to “solve” the problem but highlight the issue (like the film Yesterday).
  2. In the above analysis, please cite your sources for the issue, these can be news accounts, academic articles, etc, but you need to make sure that the sources are “legitimate” sources of information…no “poverty” porn, no political propaganda, no social media feeds or campaigns, …the source of the information matters, so you may need to cross-reference multiple sources to make sure that you are well-educated on the issue.
  3. Be sure to include a list of all research sources at the end of the plot summary. The film summary should be based on evidence and real events (not completely “made up”).These resources should include required and optional readings from class and readings from your own research on the topic.


  1. The length of the plot summary should be 1500-2000 words, double-spaced. (so the total length, including Part One and Two, should be 2000-2250 words)
  2. The main character of the film should be African, not a Westerner. The “hero” should be someone that represents the “everyday” person in Africa. You may want to use the Hero’s Journey as a model for structuring the narrative. Another suggestion might be to use a “day in the life” model, similar to Le Franc(on Kanopy) Simple stories are good stories; be careful not to add too many complexities to the plot.
  3. Try to not pick an issue that we already discussed in-depth in the course. For example, if you wanted to highlight Women and HIV/AIDS in Africa, it should be very different from the film Yesterday in characters, message, and location.
  4. To help find plot ideas, I suggest using the Week 9 Discussion Board and/or reviewing some of the optional articles in Weeks 1-10. If you really get “stuck”, we will be spending some time in Week 10 “brainstorming” and structuring the plots. Finally, don’t forget to review the folder entitled “Tips for Creating Great Film Plots” on TritonEd.
  5. Additionally, I will post two samples based on the work of previous students, so you can get a sense of the possibilities and structure. There is room for creativity and originality, so you can include dialogue, images, in-depth scenes, recurring symbols, etc…the important thing is to “bring to life” the social or political issue in a compelling manner.


* the class course slides and readings would be attached later on.

* I’m attaching 2 of the Sample Plots as files below.

* Give me the Part 1 within 4 hours from this session started.

* This session’s due would be in 18 hours though.