Write 2 Essay

2 Short essay and there is 2 prompts, Write an essay on each prompt

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Each essay should be 3-4 pages , double space MLA NO Outside sources

You can only use articles and videos that I provide

You don’t need to cite it , but you need to show you understand these articles and videos

Use your own words, make your statement clear

This is an important paper, please check everything after you finish.

You must use the book ,reading and documentary from the reading list.

Show you have read and understand them but also you should have your own ideas

Read prompt and requirements carefully

Here is the book you should read and use

Maurice Isserman and Michael Kazin, America Divided: The Civil War of the 1960s (5th edition, 2015)

You should focus on documentaries, you can find all in the list that I upload.

Take your time, for both essay you need have clear answer and your answer should draw on the documentaries.

Your essay should draw on documentaries (I have indicated relevant documentaries in parentheses), but where appropriate, your answer should range beyond the documentary. For example, your discussion of Carolyn Bryant, Roy Bryant and J.W. Millam should draw not just on “The Untold Story of Emmett Till,” but on the information that Carolyn Bryant much later admitted that her allegation was false and that Bryant and Millam sold their story to the press admitting to killing Till after they had been acquitted (for these updates, see three links that should have been on the syllabus that I forgot to include,




your discussion of LBJ should range widely; and your discussion of Nixon should go way beyond the material addressed in “The Trials of Henry Kissinger.” Your essay, then, should draw upon the documentaries, the relevant material in the text and other links, lecture, and, above all, your own analysis. Remember that any good defense anticipates the points that will be raised in opposition and deals with them.

Please don’t hesitate to express your own historical interpretations, and to remind your reader, as William Faulkner so famously said, “The past is never dead yet. It’s not even past.” Don’t worry about footnoting the sources on which you rely in writing your essay. We should be able to tell from your essay whether you’ve watched the assigned documentaries and clips, read the text and the links to additional reading on the syllabus, and come to lecture and done something other than websurf during it! You must use your own words to express them.

Prompt ONE

Assume you die and go to a special
heaven reserved for historians, where you will be able to meet all the
historical figures who have been forces for good. Upon arrival, you are
summoned before the history judges and told that whether
you can stay depends
on how well you
can defend the right of the following to rest in
Historians’ Heaven
and that you must indicate who is most deserving of a spot there,
rank the order of the others in terms of their right to be there, and justify
your rankings.
Some ties in the rankings are permitted.

a. Mamie Till Mobley (“The Untold Story of Emmett Till”)

b. Nikita Khruschev (“Cold
War Road Show,”
“The Fog of War”)

c. Robert McNamara (“The Fog of War”)

d. Betty Friedan (“1964”)

e. Citizens and officials of Neshoba County favoring and/or
involved in prosecution of Edgar Ray Killen (“Neshoba”)

f. Denton Crockett (“Resolve”)

g. George Wallace (“Settin’ the
Woods on Fire”)

h. Robert Kennedy (Robert Kennedy

i. The Los Angeles Thirteen (“Chicano! Taking
Back the Schools”)

j. Richard Nixon (“The
Trials of Henry Kissinger,”
“The Weather Underground”)

Prompt TWO

Assume you die, and you find yourself in a special limbo
reserved for historians. Upon arrival, you are summoned before the
history judges and told that where you ultimately end up depends on how
persuasively you have argued the following
do not belong in Historians’ Heaven
because of their
alleged earthly misdeeds. As in the first prompt, your answer should draw on the
documentaries, and where appropriate,
it should range beyond them. You must
defend the
exclusion of all from Historians’ Heaven, indicate who
most deserves exclusion,
rank the others in the order in which you
believe that they
should be excluded, and explain
the reasons
for your rankings. Some ties in the rankings are

a. Carolyn Bryant, Roy Bryant, and J. W. Millam
Untold Story of Emmett Till”)

b. Nikita Khruschev (“Cold
War Roadshow,”
“The Fog of War”)

c. Robert McNamara (“The
Fog of War”)

d. Edgar Ray Killen (“Neshoba”)

e. LBJ for his role in the Vietnam War (“1964,”
“The Fog of War,”

f. Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn (“The Weather

g. George Wallace (“Settin’ the
Woods on Fire”)

h. Henry Kissinger (“The
Trials of Henry Kissinger”)

i. Richard Nixon (“The
Trials of Henry Kissinger” and “The Weather Underground”)