WK9ApplicationEthics and standards

Submit by Day 7 a completed feedback checklist and consent form for a hypothetical research study.

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Refer to the week’s Learning Resources for a Protocol and Research Ethics Review.

  • Review any of the following online guides that might be applicable to thel study (see this week’s Resource page for more directions to these documents).
    • IRB Guide for Researchers Using the Participant Pool
    • IRB Guide for Archival Researchers
    • IRB Guidance for International Research
    • Research Ethics FAQs for Educational Settings
    • Research Ethics FAQs for Clinical/Intervention Settings
  • Using the comment boxes, describe in detail the provisions you suggest to the researcher to address each of the ethical approval criteria.
  • Incorporating your feedback and suggestion from the checklist, compose a consent form that meets IRB guidelines for this study. Review template on IRB website for further information about the requirements.
  • Complete the reflection section at the end of the worksheet to summarize insights gained through the process of completing the worksheet.