Wk 1 – BMGT 365 – Learning Activity #2, assignment help


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Theme #2: Leaders
and managers are the backbone of a business but their roles and
perspective in an organization are significantly different.

leader and the manager differ greatly in an organization.  The leader’s
job is to provide the vision, mission, values, organizational structure
and culture of the organization.  They empower employees and foster
followers to make the changes needed for the organization to remain
competitive and accomplish its purpose and vision.  The leader focuses
on the internal and external forces that exert power upon the
accomplishment of the organizations goal.  The leader’s perspective is
to define the future of the company, its purpose, its values, and ways
of doing business. The leader’s perspective is long term goal oriented
and focuses on decision making and the people centric flow of the

manager’s job is to organize the tasks, processes and procedures that
fit within the organizational structure to accomplish the long term
goals set by the leader.  They motivate employees to accomplish those
tasks to move the company forward toward the vision.  The manager
encourages employees to commit to the culture and climate of the
organization while completing their assigned tasks.  The manager’s
perspective is to maintain the status quo while working with the leader
to make changes for the future.  The manager is short term goal

Learning Activity #2

on the link below and fill out the chart to include the individual
characteristics of a leader and manager in the categories named.