What specific theory do you feel explains the behavior of this leader


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To demonstrate an increased knowledge in the areas of leadership plus, you must complete the following two sections of the examination. For the first section, select four of the following questions for your response. There is no minimum or maximum length required. Write enough so anyone reading your response knows what thoughts you are trying to convey.

You have until 11:59 PM on September 16, 2017 to submit your responses to me via the Course Document link. The penalty for lateness is the same here as it was for the Mid-Term, and that is one whole letter grade per day late.

Part one (answer any four)

  1. In class discussion and in the readings, we have reviewed a number of theories that explain leadership. Select a political or military leader. What specific theory do you feel explains the behavior of this leader? Why did you select that theory compared to others that were studied?
  1. Many organizations empower their employees, but empowerment is not only reserved to the workplace. What is empowerment? How is it incorporated into work or home life? Why is it important?
  1. One of the qualities of a leader is competence. Select a leader and explain why competence is this important to this leader. Why do the followers need or want competency? How do we know if someone is competent?
  1. As you plan to develop your leadership qualities, what attributes would you address? How would you address them? How will you know when you have perfected those qualities?
  1. Goal setting is an important part of leadership and personal development. Why is goal setting important in developing leadership qualities? What steps are needed to complete the process? What have you done to address this area?
  1. After studying various leaders in your personal research and in class discussions, many people have provided their insight into the discussion of whether leaders are born or made. Many different theories are given that support these concepts. Of the theories you have researched, which ones support your position on whether leaders are born or made? Provide the theory and its premise as well as examples of leaders who meet the criteria of the theory or theories.

Part 2

Provide 10 concepts, issues, philosophies, or practices in the areas of leadership that you can utilize in your workplace. Name the aspect, describe it, and explain the implication for your workplace. This does not have to be in essay form but can be in bullet form.

3 pages