What is the key differentiating factor between the current marketplace and your proposed business development opportunity

For your response posts (2), you must do the following:

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  • Reply to at least two different classmates outside of your original initial post thread.
  • In Modules Two through Ten, complete the two response posts by Sunday at 11:59 p.m. of your local time zone.
  • Demonstrate more depth and thought than just stating “I agree” or “You are wrong.” Guidance is available for you in each discussion prompt.

Proper APA is required in ALL of your initial posts and peer responses (including correct References).

reply 1

Discuss your chosen business idea, product, or service and why you think it will be successful in the marketplace in the face of global competition. What is the key differentiating factor between the current marketplace and your proposed business development opportunity?

My chosen business idea is a fictitious consulting firm. GOV Consulting, LLC (GOV) is a start-up governmental consulting firm designed to assist small businesses in obtaining government contracts. GOV’s consultants have the knowledge small companies need to succeed in being awarded hard sought-after government contracts. GOV’s focus is what the Small Business Administration (SBA) defines as small business concerns (SBA, 2016, para 1). In order to qualify as a small business, a company’s size must comply with SBA industry standards (SBA, 2016, para 1). From start to finish, GOV will guide small companies through the procurement process. The Small Business Act of 2013 established that a minimum of 23% of all prime contracts be awarded to small businesses each year, there is a significant need to have small businesses seek out and apply for government contracts (Fay, 2016, para 6). Because there are stringent regulations and criteria that must be complied with and met, there is a need for experienced consultants to assist small businesses with the government procurement process. Small businesses are just that – small. Their resources should be concentrated on doing what their business is, and not having to learn about government contracting and how it functions. GOV is here to help small businesses understand and take advantage of the opportunities available to them.


Fay, Bill. (2016). Small Business Administration. Debt.org. Retrieved from https://www.debt.org/small-business/sba/

Small Business Administration (SBA). (2016). Qualifying as a Small Business. www.sba.gov. Retrieved from: https://www.sba.gov/contracting/getting-started-co…

reply 2


I have chosen to expand into zebrafish market in the laboratory animal science industry. Research into genetic mutations and diseases, like cancer development, has been growing over the years. Zebrafish have been found to be a great model to use to study these diseases. This species has a translucent body that allows investigators to observe changes in cancer development with the eye (American Association for Laboratory Animal Science, 2013). They can also witness how the model is responding to experimental treatments. Zebrafish embryo develop outside the body in transparent eggs. Investigators are also to experience the development stages of a zebrafish life. They are able to find out what stages of growth certain genetic mutations are most common to occur. Research in manipulating genes and mutations come the use of zebrafish. Advances in science like these have cause an increase in demand across the globe for zebrafish in research. With such a demand, entering the zebrafish industry as a vendor for research and educational institutions can almost guarentee success.

There are 25 major companies that breed mice for the research community in the United States that are recognized by the accrediting organization, American Association for Laboratory Animals (American Association for Laboratory Animal Science, 2013). FishCore and Zebrafish International Resource Center are the only two major facilities that provide zebrafish models to the scientific community. With the increased demand for zebrafish, and expectation of surpassing mice in the use, there will be a need for more companies to support the demand.


American Association for Laboratory Animal Science. (2013). Laboratory Animal Technician Training Manual. (pp 3-8). Memphis, TN. McNeal Graphics Illustration