What is the effect of Fed’s raising interest rate on the stock market and on your life, business and finance homework help


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“What is the effect of Fed’s raising interest rate on the stock market and on your life? Discuss.”



Think of a time (in your current or past place of employment) when you created a business report. If you have never created a business report, think of a potential situation relevant to your field of study in which a business report would be needed. What kinds of Internet research could you do to gather relevant information? What search terms would you use?

3.Executive Summary

What is the purpose of an executive summary? What items need to be included in an executive summary?

4.Web Field Trip

Search the Internet for an article on time management; link the article to your response. Discuss the credibility and usefulness of this article.


Below is a report that was written for the manager of a large furniture retail store by the manager’s assistant. The manager was concerned about customer complaints of late deliveries of furniture purchased and wanted to know the cause of the delays. Pick one weakness or error in this report, state what the error or weakness is and how you would correct it.


TO: Martina Kalavoda

FROM: Anthony Dudrow

SUBJECT: Investigation requested 02-17-16

This morning at the staff meeting it was requested that an investigation be made of the status of home deliveries and of the causes of the delays that have occurred. The investigation has been made with findings as follows.

Now that a new driver’s helper, Morris Tunney, has been hired, there should be no more delays. This was the cause of the problem.

Over the past two weeks (10 working days), a total of 143 deliveries were made; and of these, 107 were made on or before the date promised. But some of the deliveries were late because of the departure two weeks ago of the driver’s helper, Sean Toulouse, who had to be fired because of dishonesty and could not be replaced quickly with a permanent, qualified helper. Now that a permanent, qualified helper has been hired, there should be no more delays in delivery as this was the cause of the problem.

The driver was able to find a temporary helper, a man by the name of Rusty Sellers, for some help in the unloading work, but he got behind and couldn’t seem to catch up. He could have caught up by working overtime, in the opinion of the writer, but he refused to do so. Of the 36 deliveries that were late, all were completed within two days. The problem is over now that the driver has a helper, so there should be no additional delays.

6.Writing Survey Questions

Pick one of the survey questions below and discuss the problem with the question. How would you rephrase to question to make it an appropriate survey question.

How often do you shower?

Which Democratic candidate do you favor, Jean Adams or Seth Rubins?

Do you consider the ideal pay plan to be one based on straight commission? Or straight salary?

What kind of gasoline did you purchase last time?

How much did you pay for clothing in the past 12 months?

How often do you eat dessert with your noon meal?