What is Human Resources

You work in the Human Resources department at the Acme Widget Company. To your delight, you have been invited to present at Career Day at your old high school. The theme of the presentation is “What Is Human Resources and Why Is It Important?”
Create a slideshow presentation describing what you do as a human resources manager at Acme Widget.Your presentation should:
•explain the function of human resources management in an organization
•describe what you do during a typical day, the situations you are likely to encounter and the interaction skills you tend to use
•explain how you handle conflicts between employees or between employees and managers
To keep it interesting for your audience, be sure to include photos, graphics and/or video clips in your presentation to illustrate your points. Remember that the students are new to the world of human resources, so be sure to explain any terms you use. Do not simply copy and paste; use your own words

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