What has technology done to supply chain management?

Need help with two part assignment. This will be two separate essays but only 3-4 paragraphs per essay.

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Technology has really revolutionized the supply chain industry. Activities within the supply chain can now be coupled to create a more efficient way of doing business. Identify a local company that uses technology, and describe the benefits and advantages they are experiencing as a result of using the latest technologies. Interview a manager and ask the following questions: How has technology impacted the company’s decision making? In what ways has technology impacted consumers? How has technology impacted service efficiency? In a detailed description within 3-4 paragraphs, respond to the questions listed within the case study in essay format.

Second Part of assignment

Think about your organization or an organization of which you are familiar. Discuss how the use of technology has or could contribute toward performance excellence in your organization. Describe the type of recommendations you would make in order to establish or improve these two critical components in your organization? Use the internet to conduct research to answer the question and/or find an organization. This should be a 3-4 paragraph essay in APA style with references.

Both essays must be in APA style writing with references. Needs to be completed by Tuesday 4/16/2019.