What do its proponents claim its main advantages to be?, health and medical assignment help

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Health system reform 2010

The paper should two pages long, no need for introduction and conclusion. Two scholarly sources must be used (you can pick them if it answers the question) and sources more than five years old are not acceptable.  It should be double spaced using 12 point Times New Roman or Arial font. Sources must be cited throughout the paper whenever you use information from a source, using APA format, and there must be a bibliography provided at the end of the paper.

Here is the question of the paper, you are not responsible for the entire question. Ignore all the previous questions and just write about the last two bolded questions.

During 2010, Congress passed and President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  Describe the main changes included in the new law.  Why was the law challenged in court and what did the Supreme Court decide during the summer of 2012?  What have been the results of implementation of the law so far?  What do its proponents claim its main advantages to be?  What do opponents say are its major disadvantages?