Wendy’s (MKTG3505)

Starting from the company’s web site, MAP (that’s a diagram) out their social media presence and SHOW how various media are linked, or not linked, to each other. This should be a graphic.

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Include the following media in your analysis — Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, their company blog, Instagram or Pinterest (or equivalent), and LinkedIn — and any other social media that the company may use.

For EACH, use the attached template and give examples of:

  • How are they utilizing each media — what is the primary focus, primary type of messages. Includescreen shots to illustrate specific points.
  • Who is target audience for that media in particular
  • How many followers do they have
  • What calls to action do they have
  • What common messages they use

Analyze their overall strategy (or lack thereof) and how effective their strategy is.

You may submit this in document format but it most include: a graphical map; a table of social media, and a paragraph or two about their strategy.

Due April 12th, Friday, 11:59pm