Week 8 Discussion: Color

On pages 154-7 of our textbook you’ll find a lot of great information on color and its use in branding. Research “color in branding” online. Based on your readings from the textbook and at least one online source address something you found to be very interesting about color and branding. Explain what you found and how it can be important to a brand. Give an example. (Feel free to get into the meaning of different colors in the minds of consumers… that’s a very interesting area to explore.)

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Your initial post should be approximately 300 words long. After posting your initial response you’ll be able to see the initial responses of your colleagues.

Comment on the post of just one colleague. Your response to your colleague should be approximately 150 words. DO NOT comment on the posts of all colleagues, just one. Select the one that you feel you can add the most value to, for example, raise an issue that your colleague didn’t address in their initial response to the question.

Feel free to also share your personal experiences in your initial post as well as your responses to the posts of your colleagues.

If you use any external sources for your initial response or your response to the post of a colleague, be sure to include a link to your source(s).